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"It's very very...Orange!"


It was just another Normal Zombie Hunting Day for the survivors of Please stay calm. Nothing was too out of the ordinary (aside from the Zombies of course). Then, a fellow Safehouse member notices a an orange slip of wrinkled paper. it appears to belong to a map of some sort. Little did we all know that a mad Scientist known as "The patchkeeper" had created another Breed of Zombie that grew Pumpkin looking Boils in its skin and was "really Really orange"...

As a result of this experiment, The Zumpkin was born. A Zumpkin is a behemoth holiday Zombie that appeared Very Recenty on October 31st, 2012. Theese suckers are just plain mean. You were able to find the regular and feeble ones anywhere, but those were just the tip of the iceberg. Very hard boss Versions of these Zumpkins are found when Members of a Safehouse find 60-120 (Changed to a set 60 pieces for good) map pieces and a secret crypt is unlocked.

The zumpkins go by Increasing level of difficulty ranging from feeble (weakest) to vicious (Hardcore). Nonetheless, the Zumpkins are a very hard kind of zombie. If you managed to get a Pumpkingun from the crypt, a new challenge appears and if you managed to land a killing shot on the Beserk, Enraged or the (heaven Forbid) Vicious zumpkins, you would get "pumpkin organs". If you managed to get 120 of theese by the holiday deadline, you would be rewarded with "The Gourdian' - An EXTREMELY underrated weapon that specializes in defense (hit a zombie with the gourdian, 50-75% damage decrease in the zombies attack for one turn). It was a huge status symbol at the time. Also, If you beat the stamina hunt for the 5 Vicious Zumpkins, you were awarded with a new title - The pumpkin Carver

Credit Goes to PSC player Chaos Dracos for the picture and the Description