Zombies are the enemy you fight in the hunting minigame.


Once you investigate a location, all you have to do is touch the hunt button to hunt things.

Go Hunt

Go Hunt

Some zombies may have a higher level than you do, requiring the use of health packs or hiring an ally.

The Special Zombies such as "Hulkers," "Bloodfoot," "Bloodnose," and "Santa Zombie," are especfially difficult zombies and sometimes require the use of multiple health packs to take down; so keep plenty on hand.

Selecting Combat Mission

Select your combat mission


Once you tap the "Go hunt" button, you have to select your Combat Mission. This will open up a menu showing the number of zombies that will be removed from that location once the hunt is complete. There will also be the name of one zombie that will definitely appear on the mission.Depending on how much energy you have to spare and depending on the type of Zombie you seek you have 4 options.

  • Recon (least energy, least XP points and fairly easy to complete)
  • Hunt (more energy, and more XP points may have to use a health pack)
  • Assault (most energy, most XP points, definitely bring health packs)
  • Training (requires one stamina, and does not give experience, and much easier than hunt or assault.)

Or if you can't find the Zombie you seek (e.g. Rabbits, Hulkers, Santa, Bloodtails) just hit cancel and go search elsewhere. You can also use a stamina hunt to "refresh" the list of zombies.