The ultimate in nasty rabbits... You see, this is how people get tularemia in the first place! This Zombie is another tough one, so pack some health packs. Upon defeating this zombie you will obtain 2 things.

  1. A Hand-Gren-Egg (which is a bomb that will knock out just about any duel opponent)
  2. A new, fancy, title; The Lord of the Leotards... I mean, the Lord of the Leopards... I mean, oh, yes, "The Lord of the Leporidae."

Bloodfoot is also one of the three "Blood Beasts" And if you are curious...

"Leporids are the approximately 50 species of rabbits and hares which form the family Leporidae. The leporids, together with the pikas, constitute the mammalian order Lagomorpha. Leporids differ from pikas in having short furry tails, and elongated ears and hind legs. The name leporid is simply an abbreviation of the family name Leporidae meaning animals resembling "lepus", Latin for hare.

Members of all genera except Lepus are usually referred to as rabbits, while members of Lepus (which accounts for almost half the species) are usually called hares. However the distinction between these two common names does not map completely into current taxonomy, sincejackrabbits are members of Lepus, and members of the genera Pronolagus and Caprolagus are sometimes called hares.

Leporids are native across the world except Antarctica, and in Oceania where their introduction is a significant threat for the native mammalsin Australia." - Wikipedia's entry of the Leporidae

(Thanks go to PSC Username: Tenda Foot for providing the screenshot.)